Among other definitions Daya has been defined as „the virtous desire to mitigate the sorrow and difficulties of others by putting forth whatever effort necessary“, and as „one of necessary paths to being happy“.


Nepal is situated in southeast Asia between Tibet to the north and India to the south. It is one of the poorest countries on this planet. The gross national income per head is below 60 USD per month. Almost a fifth of the population is suffering from undernourishment. Nepal was stricken with a devastating earthquake in 2015 which caused severe damage to the country and its population.
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daya-nepal .org is the personal homepage of me, Christine Shrestha. My father Amrit has left Nepal more than four decades ago and eventually settled in germany where he founded a family with his wife Doris. To this day my father maintains strong cultural and family ties with Nepal. He often travels to Nepal and is socially engaged there in a multitude of activities. This site presents some of his activities and experiences. More »about us.